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  • OLAF - general introduction

    The best way to introduce OLAF is by showing what its mission and mandate is in action. Every year OLAF publishes an Annual Report presenting its activities of the previous year, statistics of its investigative performance as well as examples of cases. The Annual Report for the year 2018 is available at this link (

    It is a document that presents the state-of-the-art of OLAF mission and achievements, and it can be very useful to approach the technical themes connected to the prevention of irregularities, frauds and corruption.

    The systematic structure of the report helps understanding how this subject matter needs to be approached in a broad sense in order to understand all involved aspects of EU funding and administrative possible preventive actions, which is the focus of ECO for PIF Project.

    We recall the structure below for an overview:
    1. Mission and mandate
    2. OLAF investigative activity: trends in anti-fraud investigations
    3. Focus chapter: OLAF protects EU money from the claws of organised criminals
    4. OLAF on the European and international scene
    5. Monitoring the actions taken by the recipients of OLAF recommendations
    6. Policies to fight fraud
    7. Relations with the Supervisory Committee
    8. Data protection, legality checks and complaints
    9. Staff and Budget
    10. Statistical annex: additional data on OLAF investigative activity

    ECO for PIF Project and this Online Community intend to actively contribute in building not only an informational virtual space as a one-stop-shop for finding training material and sharing how to better understand irregularities, fraud and corruption, but also an interactive form of blended learning, with materials, lessons, case studies, peer-to-peer networking, etc. with the aim of achieving a higher common standards in administrative preventive actions and good practices for the correct management of EU funds.
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